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Don’t Just Take My Word For It

The Sounds of Satisfaction

Dave is one of the most professional and enjoyable individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His focus and attention to detail allow him to keep control of any project while not never hindering creativity. From scoring to mixing, I have gotten the chance to see a true master at work. 

Charles Chaussinand

If you care as much about your music as I do you want to be sure that you are well taken care of when you bring them in for service. Once you talk to Dave the first time you realize he is someone you can trust and want to have working on your music. From the first time he did work I was pleased and with his experience and knowledge there is no doubt that he can fix any issue that you have. He is reasonable and fair about his pricing keeping the musician in mind. Dave will also explain what he thinks needs to be done in a way that's easy to understand as well as give you a good understanding of what he has done.

Matt Anderson

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